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13th Nov


Dr Rohit Lal, a consultant oncologist at Independent Oncology and specialist in lung and thoracic cancers, has been the UK lead in a recent international research trial at St Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital Trust. The trial has been looking at the benefits of giving chemotherapy treatment in the home setting.

Some private patients already have the option to have chemotherapy in their own home, including the BUPA at Home scheme, but this hasn’t been widely adopted in the NHS. While it may not be suitable for everyone, some patients welcome the benefits of having chemotherapy at home, removing the need to travel to and from appointments, allowing proper rest after the chemotherapy treatments themselves.

Dr Lal commented “Modern chemotherapy regimens are better tolerated in part due to the use of more effective supportive medicines. Patients with advanced lung cancer have been perceived to require hospital-based support due to the restrictive symptoms they develop and co-morbidities related to smoking. This international clinical research trial was designed to test the safety, patient-experience and health-care cost of intravenous chemotherapy continuing in a home-setting under the supervision of the hospital team”.

The results of the trial will be published in 2014.

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