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Appointment Information

To arrange an appointment with one of our consultants we will require a confirmed diagnosis and the following the information:

  • A referral letter from your current specialist or GP to confirm diagnosis, detailing your full name, date of birth, address, current and previous medical history and treatment to date.
  • Histology Report
  • Imaging Reports
  • Copies of scans on disc. Please bring a copy of these to your appointment if possible, or advise us where we can obtain copies from.
  • Latest Blood results

For your convenience we have an online referral request letter which you can give to your GP or clinician. Click here for the request a referral letter.

Once we have received the necessary paperwork from your GP or referrer, our team get in touch to confirm a date for an appointment with one of our consultants

If you have a confirmed cancer diagnosis with relevant paperwork listed above and would like to make an appointment to see one of our consultants click here to complete an online appointment request form or call us on 020 8265 8709.

In addition to seeing patients at clinics across London, our consultants can also treat patients at home if you are registered with the Bupa Home Healthcare scheme. For more details about the scheme click here.

If you are worried that you may have cancer but do not have a confirmed diagnosis, we would recommend that you arrange an appointment with your GP to discuss your concerns as soon as possible. Further information can be found on the NHS website at

Reliable and up-to date information on cancer can also be found at: